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Digital Waist-High Scale W/o Height Rod - Digital Scales

Digital Waist-High Scale w/o Height Rod

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  • $1,561.12

Pounds & Kilograms * Without Height Rod * Now for the first time you can combine the state-of-the-art EMR-ready Detecto physician scale with the time-honored beauty and protection of stainless steel * Enjoy the classic elegance of stainless steel in your Detecto digital scale * With an ultra-modern design Detecto's stainless steel digital health care scales offer an extra-tough finish which stands up to water damage from mopping around the base and high-humidity areas such as locker rooms * Enjoy the power of digital weighing with the convenience of at-a-glance weight readouts and an AC or battery-powered LCD display * With the push of a button readings appear in pounds OR kilograms * Weight Capacity of 400 Lbs. x 0.2 Lbs. (180 Kg x 0.1 Kg) * Height rod adjusts 30 to 78 and 75 cm to 192 cm * Platform size: 10.5 x 14.5 * White with black mat * Scale height: 37.5 * Display: .7 high-contrast LCD * Power source: 6 C size alkaline batteries * 1 Year Warranty *

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