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Thumper Versa-Pro Massager Lower Body Massager - Heavy Duty Massagers

Thumper Versa-Pro Massager Lower Body Massager

  • $506.67

Rated the best lower body massager in the world the Versa Pro is ideal for runners and people who spend long hours on their feet * It is a must for individuals seeking to improve blood flow and circulation in their bodies * The Versa Pro is a perfect complement to a fitness and wellness program * With six speeds seven programmed workouts and 184 acu-pressure nodes the Thumper Versa Pro is specifically designed to massage feet calves hamstrings and lower back muscles * Self-leveling steel suspension automatically adjusts to different body parts for maximum penetration and relief * 184 acu-pressure nodes are powered by direct-drive Thumper action speed adjustable from 16 to 30 pulses per second * Patented Thumper Action combined with powerful DC motor sends energy trough entire kinetic chain from feet right to the hips * Electrically approved UL CSA CE ROHS * 2-year warranty (parts & labor)

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