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Disaseptic Xrq Quart Pump Spray Bottle(Frmrly Discide V) - Disinfectants - Hard Surface

DisAseptic XRQ Quart Pump Spray Bottle(Frmrly Discide V)

  • $19.90

* A quaternary ammonia based disinfectant cleaner and deodorizer designed for use in health care/physical therapy facilities * Ready-to-use detergent disinfectant * Kills TB HIV POLIO BACTERCIDAL FUNGICIDAL and VIRUCIDAL E-COLI PARVO STAPHYLOCOCCUS AUREUS SALMONELLA CHOLERAESUIS and PSUEDOMONAS AERUGINOSA in 10 minutes * Meets EPA requirements for hospital use and is EPA registered * Meets the OSHA guidelines for bloodborne pathogen standards

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