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Pikstik Minipik-Telescopic - Reaching Aids/accessories

Pikstik Minipik-Telescopic

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  • $42.29

The TelescoPik MiniPik is the most versatile reacher ever * With a simple turn of the locking collar on the shaft the TelescoPik adjusts from 20 - 26 making everything within easy reach * Durable safe and lightweight design makes this the ideal reacher for all purposes Constructed with strong aluminum and polycarbonate materials for superior performance and extended long term durability * Unique design of the 5 « wide jaws allows it to rotate 90 degrees in order to fit into tight and awkward spaces * Jaws also include a foam rubber insert that enables it to hold objects as small as a dime * Ergonomic trigger grip can lift objects weighing up to five pounds

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