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Cando Band Non-Latex Gold- Xxx-Heavy 6- Yard - Cando Exercise Band

Cando Band Non-Latex Gold- XXX-Heavy 6- Yard

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  • $20.73

6-YARD PATIENT ROLLS * Gold XXX-Heavy * Cando© No-Latex Band is specially formulated to mimic the stretch characteristics of latex band * No-Latex Cando© band is easily identifiable by the checkered pattern on its packaging * Cando© band is used for rehabilitation conditioning and training * 5-inch wide No-Latex Formulation is the most versatile Cando© band because it can be used by people with a latex sensitivity * All exercise bands are lightweight take up minimal room and are highly portable * 8 progressive levels * Cando© is licensed to use the Thera-Band© color sequence so resistance level is easily identified *

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