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Clinic Mvp 3-Board Set W/o Balls - Balance Training

Clinic MVP 3-Board Set w/o Balls

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  • $161.34

3-BOARD CLINIC SET 16 20 30 * Without balls * The MVPTM offers an unstable and sensory-stimulating platform to facilitate balance and proprioceptibe training and postural reactions * The boards can be used for: balance coordination and proprioceptive training; ankle and knee strengthening and rehabilitation; core strengthening and stability; ankle range-of-motion and flexibility; and improved posture * Use as wobble or rocker board: -1 ball for wobble board -2 balls for rocker board * Level of difficulty is variable: - 5 sizes of instability balls - Larger ball is harder - Color-coded to difficulty - Balls screw in/out with ease * 3 sizes of platforms: smaller board is harder * Slots in platform fit band/tubing: for full body exercise * Use hanging rack for compact storage: holds 10 balls and 4 platforms *

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