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No Sweat Ice Bucket - Instrument - Trays

No Sweat Ice Bucket

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  • $137.49

Great for busy therapy sessions * Keeps ice and ice packs conveniently and readily available * Expanded polymer foam is virtually indestructible * Withstands temperatures between -321 - 200§F (-196§ to 93§C) * Constructed of expanded polymer foam that keeps ice from melting longer than traditional ice pails * The 4 liter capacity is ideal for keeping small readymade ice packs close at hand * Lightweight and easy to transport the ice bucket is virtually indestructible impervious to moisture and odor and will not sweat * 8 1/2 opening at top x 6 3/5 high (21.5 x 17 cm) bottom tapers to 6 3/10 (16 cm) at the base *

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