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Digi-Extend Clinic Set Includes 4 Units Bands & Stand - Digit Exercise Products

Digi-Extend Clinic Set Includes 4 units bands & Stand

  • $169.74

The Digi-Extend© is a unique therapy device that can isolate the extension of all five fingers and each of the individual finger joints * The Digi-Extend© focuses on the extensor mechanism of one or all fingers as it targets the area of the hand that needs rehabilitation * Four color-coded band resistance levels allow each muscle or joint to work at a comfortable level and build as increased strength is achieved * Includes 4 Digi-Extend units 1metal rack 20 tan (xx-light) 16 yellow (x-light) 12 red (light) 8 green (medium) latex-free elastic bands and a pamphlet

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