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Gripmaster Digit/hand Blue Exerciser Heavy 7.0 Lb/23 Lb - Digit Exercise Products

Gripmaster Digit/Hand Blue Exerciser Heavy 7.0 lb/23 lb

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  • $13.65

Per finger 7.0 lbs(3.2 kgs); per hand 23.0 lbs(10.4 kgs) * The original spring-loaded finger piston device that allows patients to isolate and challenge each finger individually * Features a large ergonomic palm cushion for maximum comfort * Perfect tool for rehabbing an injury alleviating the symptoms of arthritis neuropathy and carpel tunnel syndrome and maintaining the overall health and well being of the hands * Made with strong ABS Plastic stainless steel springs neoprene and an aluminum strip label * Assembled and packaged in the USA * Unit measure is: 3.6 L x 1 W x 3 H (including thickest part of palm bar)

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